About the Company

The OLMA company was established in 1990. Its main area of specialization is transportation of goods on international routes, and especially into the European Union. From the very beginning, the OLMA company has been undergoing constant development.




Within the range of forwarding, we wish to offer our services to both international as well as home market companies.



The scope of our offer comprises:

– domestic and international road transport
– bulk cargo transport
– transport with the use of TIR carnets
– insurance of transported goods

We specialize in road transport in the European Union, both in its southern part (especially Italy and Austria) and western part (Germany, the Netherlands, France, England).

Service Station

Operating within our transport base, the station provides services for lorries of all types and for semi-trailers.

We specialize in repairs of the braking systems. We perform services according to the client’s current needs as well as carry out repairs of subassemblies such as engines, suspension systems, electric systems etc.


In order to meet market demands and the increasing requirements of our clients we are developing our logistics services within the reloading of goods and the handling of bulk cargo.


It is possible to arrange for permanent parking of lorries as well as motor-cars in our transport base.

Parking, Nowy Sącz, ul. Dojazdowa 7


International Transport and Spedition OLMA Sp. J.

ul. Dojazdowa 7, 33-300 Nowy Sacz

tel: +48 18 441 24 64
Fax: +48 18 449 11 01
e-mail: olmasped@olma.com.pl

tel: +48 18 414 44 31

OLMA OIL Nowy Sącz Filling Station
ul. Dojazdowa 7:
tel/fax: +48 18 41 444 34
e-mail: olmaoil@olma.com.pl

OLMA OIL Filling Station
Rytro 541
tel: +48 694 412 256
e-mail: stacjarytro@olma.com.pl

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